Said Abitar

Said Abitar is a scenographer, art director and illustrator based in Brussels.

Since a couple of years, he has worked closely with the Berlin-based company Tales of us, which which he has developed the project Congo Tales, a photography book illustrating the tales and legends of the native people of the Congo Rainforest. The images of the book were presented in a travelling exhibition in Australia, Germany, Holland, among other countries. Both the publication and the exhibition received international critical acclaim. 
As a scenographer, Said Abitar’s work is intertwined with drawing and painting. Starting out as decorator for plays and cinema, he has developed a strong personal scenographic language. His recent projects include La belle Helene d’Offenbach for the Symphonic orchestra of Lille, the tv-series Opéra shot in the Garnier Opéra and Bastille in Paris, Balle au centre in Cameroun, and will be touring different countries in Africa in 2024. He is currently preparing the scenography for Bellissima (september 2023).
Said Abitar teaches at Saint Luc Brussels and taught at La Cambre School of Art from 2010 to 2018.